1: Your Name

    I probably do not know your name. I may have an idea about what your name could be but I have been wrong so many times before that I will not use your name. This makes me self conscious about using names when I finally do know your name. It will feel awkward for me the first few times I use it. This can be years after I’ve known you. I’ve tried word associations and all kinds of other tricks and nothing helps.  I get real annoyed with people that call you “buddy” or something like that so I have instead developed a style where I make eye contact or some other cue to avoid calling you chief.

2: I am jealous of guitarists

    I wish I could play guitar. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish I were a guitar player instead of a drummer. I just wish I could also play guitar. I am very jealous of the ease and simplicity of busting out an acoustic guitar and just playing and maybe singing a simple tune. I like to do that but am forced to wait around for someone else to pick up a guitar and play something I can sing. Also, when that does happen the guitarists are rarely as into it as I am and they lack focus and move on much too soon. Unfortunately there are blue whales and Koala bears that are better at guitar than I am and I think it will probably always be that way.

2A: I am also jealous of guitarists for this reason

    Fuck You guitarists and your prancing around on stage. You guys can do anything you want and none of you pussies ever even get your shit together enough to go wireless and increase that freedom. Maybe I’m just going to start playing a marching snare instead of a drum set and I’ll still be loud enough not to need a mic or some kind of amp. Then I can dance around and jump and shit.

3: I have trouble sleeping

    One stunning example of this is that I only had the first two reasons in my mind so far but because of that, even after getting into bed, I had to come back to the computer to type them out at 3am. I knew I wasn’t going to forget the first two but I also knew that I was going to lay there until either I figured out the rest of them (and then typed them) or it was time to go to work. (note: after typing this I still did not get to sleep. It happens to me often. Sometimes when I fall asleep just as I drop into sleep I wake back up. This process can go on and on and get very annoying)

4: My music makes me Bitter

    Not just that it doesn’t pay my bills, that Isn’t what I’m looking for. In fact, I’m not really looking for anything. You can love it or hate it. I either love or hate all music. But I often feel like people just kind of dismiss it. They don’t really latch on to it at all. 

    On the flip side of that, I have no idea what to do when someone actually does latch on to it. I’m not modest, but I am. I’m all over the fence on that and I rarely want anyone to dote on my music or treat me different because of my music. I didn’t do anything special I’m just awesome and way better at expressing myself through means that can be repeated and presented to them than they are.

5: I can read your mind

    I really can. It’s not a very developed skill. I often can not distinguish your though from my own as it’s presented to me as if it were my own thought. I have in the past used it as a bit of a party trick with stunning results, but rarely do anymore. It is also not very helpful when playing charades.

6: My thoughts on god

    I think most people have a very narrow minded understanding of the religion they choose to believe in. While one may say “god is everything and created everything and is all around us,” I find that their actual belief of that is a much narrower perspective. It’s almost as if they see god as “everything” so long as everything can be perceived and measured using the five senses (and a little bit of faith.) It’s like saying god is everything so long as it’s on this planet even though “everything” extends way beyond our atmosphere. God created man, fine. Could he not have created monkeys and evolution? Could he not have created other religions where people see him in a different light? Could he not just be the laws of physics? Which is more what I believe. The physics thing. It’s like a combination of all religions and science and really everything we know all wrapped up in one word.

7: I hate most people

    The list of reasons why is way to long to into too much depth but suffice it to say that  the latest offense was allowing Kid Rock to be acclaimed for taking snippets of a good original song and making a shitty freshman non-major art class collage out of it.

Bonus: Following Steelopus’s cue I am adding some non top seven additions.

Video Games

    While I rarely if ever go back to a game I no longer play and even if I do go back and play one for a few minutes, I can never sell my old video games back. I feel deep down that maybe I will finish that game I never did or maybe I will play it just a little more because I really liked it. There are some games that I have gone back and beat completely a second time... these include Swimmer, contra, and basically anything that starts with Grand Theft Auto. I don’t know what it is but I am definitely a pack rat when it comes to video games I buy. Hmm.... also porn I download... I find it hard not to archive that too.


    The short and skinny of it is I often cannot resist drinking quite a bit some nights. I get away some nights without but never really more than two. I’m not sure wether I should put all my efforts into this or quitting smoking right now. Truth be told I would be better off without either but I’m certainly not ready to give up drinking entirely and I don’t know what that means. Will I have to give up wine entirely to fight this? That would be complete and total fail.

The Future

    I’ve seen the future a couple of times. This is another one of those things that I cannot really control but it happens every once in a while. When I was in high school (ok, this is going to get a bit personal and also a little crass so if you need to skip ahead) I would dream about having sex every time I was going to have sex the next day. On the flip side, back then I never had any kind of sex dreams on days I wasn’t going to have sex. Ok, other than that, the future dreams have never really been about good times to be had. It’s always some of the darkest moments in my life and it’s always given me a couple weeks notice. It helps, and to stick it to destiny and all that, sometimes you can actually change the outcome. Well, maybe not, I often perform exactly as I did the first time in those situations but other things can step in and interact and while even the finest details of the moment were in my dream, the outcome can in fact end up differently.


Seven Things